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October 25, 2007

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Charles P. Rogers first-ever warehouse sale!!

October 23, 2007

From Oct. 27th to Nov. 3rd we will be holding our first time ever warehouse sale at our NJ factory warehouse. Great prices will be available on a first come basis on discontinued item, one of a kind prototypes, photographic samples, floor samples, customer returns and less than perfect items that could be just perfect in your house. Savings of up to 80% off our regular prices will be available on many items. This is your opportunity to find the perfect Charles P. Rogers bed at tremendous saving. Beds will be available for immediate pick-up or delivery options are available. Come by and see if we have what it takes to get into your bedroom.


Charles P. Rogers, Chistopher Coleman and the Alpha Workshops

October 8, 2007

On September 20th our NYC showroom played host to celebrate the great work being done by the Alpha Workshops, a not-for-profit organization that trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. Using our ultra-white Club bed, highly respected designer Christopher Coleman created the “Club bedroom” utilizing wallpaper, side tables, window shades and other accessories created by The Alpha Workshops. The beautiful set was created and photographed for Architectural Digest to draw attention to the unique and ongoing efforts of the Alpha Workshops. A portion of each sale of this special Club bed will be donated to support their continuing work.

Ultra White Club BedroomDesigner Christopher Coleman (right) and Barry Axtel of Alpha WorkshopsRue Ritchey of Arch DigestHal Spitzer- Alpha Workshops Board of DirectorsRue Richey – Sales Representative Arch. Digest and Jay Goldberg – Associate Publisher Arch. DigestKen Wampler – Alpha WorkshopsGuestsGuestsGuest with Alpha Workshops paintingsGuestsGuestsJeannine Tuttle – Project Manager CPR and Kate Williams of Susan Becher PRAlison Del Rio – Controller CPRBarbara Thomson and Eric Barsness of Arch. DigestRichard Zimmer, Ed Farrell of Alpha Workshops and Rob BurdenChris Coleman – Christopher Coleman Interior DesignRuth Gottesman – Marketing Manager The Alpha WorkshopsBonfiglioPan of Party – Susan Becher, Pres Susan Becher PR, Kenneth Wampler – Alpha Workshops , Elizabeth Blitzer – Susan Becher PRMichael Tavano and Lloyd Marks – Michael Tavano DesignJay Goldberg – Associate Publisher Architectural DigestBrien Matz – Alpha WorkshopsPartyLinda Klein- President of CPR and guestsKenneth Wampler – The Alpha Workshops and Micheal Tavano – Michael Tavano DesignsChris Coleman, Lloyd Marks, Michael Tavano, Kenneth Wampler, Eric BarsnessJamie Drake – Drake Design Associates, Micheal Tavano and Lloyd MarksTemmy Chang and Ed Farrell – Alpha WorkshopsGuestsChristopher Coleman and guests

House Beautiful uses our Cottage bed in their beautiful house

September 7, 2007

House Beautiful did a smashing job on this country classic design. With its classic lines and simple decorative elements our Cottage iron bed in wrought finish (also available in our antique white) makes a great centerpiece to show off a colorful family quilt, eclectic farm furniture or anything else that strikes your fancy. It’s a flexible, sturdy design that can work in an American country setting, classic beach design or even something more contemporary. At $799.00 for a queen size bed it is a piece of fine workmanship that can bring your bedroom to life for life!


Club Bedroom by Christopher Coleman and The Alpha Workshops for Charles P. Rogers

September 7, 2007


A sophisticated, cozy urban hideaway featuring Charles P. Rogers ultra white leather Club Bed and linen/cotton bedding.
Room design and accessories by Christopher Coleman Interior Design. Hand printed wall paper, throw, side tables and window shades (a Michael Tavano design) were made by The Alpha Workshops, a not-for-profit organization providing training and employment in the decorative arts for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Alpha Workshops for Michael Tavano Design. Photography by Billy Cunningham. A portion of sales from this exclusive bed design will be used to support the ongoing efforts of The Alpha Workshops.


Blueprint Magazine Dresses Our Cottage Iron Bed

August 24, 2007

Blueprint has a great article on ways to express different looks for your bedroom using our Cottage iron bed in an antique white finish. With a classic bed like the Cottage, the variations of mood, inspiration and style are limited only by your imagination. Why limit your day to day look to a single style? Using a strong bed and a few sets of bedding and a variety of pillows, your bed can spring to life fresh as often as you like. Summer cool, winter warmth and spring freshness are as simple as taking a minute to change out a few basic items on your that will last a very long time. And as for inspirational styles and influences, just look around the choices abound!


Elle Decor- Twin Rutherford Beds

August 24, 2007

As in the last post, we always enjoy seeing our beds used in various designs. This one from Elle Decor is particularly nice. The twin Rutherford’s in black are strong pieces in contrast with all the patterned blues and grays. We strongly believe the proportion, design and overall execution of our beds insures whatever your personal style, favorite colors or aesthetic sensibility, a Charles P. Rogers bed will provide a solid, exceptional anchor piece for you to work your personal design mojo. Eclectic? No problem. Traditional? No problem. Contemporary? You will be surprised at the results.  Think,  design, and then admire yourself.  Not too much though.


Better Homes and Gardens- Forget the shelf, look at that bed!

August 24, 2007

BH&G used our Rutherford bed in antique white for an article about a bedside perch. We like the creativity, the authentic look and of course our bed in a setting that shows what you could achieve in your room. Since we don’t sell night stands (yet??) we love anything that reinforces what we have always believed about our beds, be creative, mix and match, don’t worry, the bed WILL carry the room.


Better Homes and Gardens Indoor Inspiration- Newfield Bed

August 24, 2007

Our iron and brass Newfield bed made the Better Homes indoor inspirations and we think we know why. Our authentic castings and pure brass detailing makes this bed indistinguishable from beds made a century ago. It’s heavy, has a generous use of quality materials and finishing that will make your bedroom exude elegance. Available in both our wrought (shown) or vintage iron finishes. A classic piece of early American iron bed design that will make you look like you scored at Brimfield!.


Domino Bedroom Makeovers & The Charles P. Rogers Cairo Canopy

August 9, 2007

I know we are slowly headed into the Fall, but last May, Domino magazine used our Cairo canopy bed for a great spread on bedroom makeovers that is season-less. The photo shows some of the versatility of our iron beds when combined with creative accessories such as the colorful draperies. One thing we love about the Cairo and many of our canopy beds is this ability to convey your personality and retain its sophistication and quality. We like to think of our beds adding to and validating your personal sense of style no matter how eclectic!